Press Releases Part 5

Record-breaking Consumer Fair 5

Released by Borneo Bulletin

Over 80,000 people visited the 5th Consumer Fair (CF5), smashing the expected tally of 60,000 and the previous record of 58,000 visitors. This was according to Sunlit Advertising Managing Director Jackson Ting, who organised the fair. "The response to this fair has been very unexpected. We were estimating over 60,000 visitors and we have had over 80,000 visitors so far today on the final day of the fair," he said yesterday. "We have also had very good feedback from vendors and a lot of them, including those from overseas, will be coming back for the next consumer fair. "The response from visitors has also been very positive. The public is very happy with the variety of newer and better products at the Consumer Fair 5," he added.

Mr Ting also said he was very happy with the overwhelming response to the Winter Wonderland exhibition. "There have been over 30,000 visitors to Winter Wonderland and for the next consumer fair we will bring in a different exhibition which I hope the public will also like. "I would like to thank the public and vendors who participated in the Consumer Fair Part 5, and I would also like to thank all the sponsors for making this fair such a great success. And, I hope that the next Consumer Fair Part 6 will be even better," Mr Ting concluded. Speaking to the Bulletin, two visitors said that the fair had improved over the years. Said Hj Muhammad Wajdi Pehin Dato Hj Suhaili, Takaful Officer from Takaful IBB, "From my perception, I think that the response has tripled from the previous consumer fairs. I also think that this is a great opportunity for small businesses to make profits around this time of the month. "I see a lot of people, from the young to the old, and I think that this fair does cater a lot of industries. There are a lot of great opportunities here, both for the businesses and visitors. "There have been a lot of improvements from previous consumer fairs, especially the people's participation. There are also a lot of new things like electronics and products that were not here before," he said.

Meanwhile, Mizan from Sg Tilong said, "I've been to all five of the consumer fairs and I've noticed that the prices have improved more and more at each fair, especially for the LCD TVs and electronic items. "The public response has also been very good. There are a lot more people here now than before." Talking to one of the more popular booths at the fair, Royal Brunei Airlines (RBA) received tremendous response from the public. According to RBA Marketing Officer Hjh Nurul Akmal, "The number of visitors to our booth was more than we targeted. Over 5,000 people visited us and our most popular booth was our reservations and ticket sales booth. "We have also had a good number of people applying for our Royal Skies card. "We hope to bring more promotions to the next consumer fair," she said, before adding, "and we hopes that the public will continue to support RBA."

Local youth Yudy Firman (of De Firza Clothings) who had a booth at the fair said the event was a great success, saying he recorded a lot of sales and was very happy with response to his products. "This is the first time I am participating in the fair and sales has been very good. "We sell t-shirts with cartoon motifs on them and they have been a big seller. We hope to open a shop after this and maybe we may also join the next consumer fair considering the great response," he added. Meanwhile, first-time visitor Elmy Rizal said she was surprised with the great number of products showcased at the fair. "I did not expect to see so many booths and products all at one place. There are a great variety of products all under one roof and I think that it is wonderful. "I learnt of the consumer fair through the radio and by word of mouth from my friends so I decided to come and take a look. I'm glad that I came as I have found good prices on several products," he said. Also a first-timer, Iza Noorhaizamdin said, "The fair is pretty awesome and it's getting people out of their houses. It has everything, so why would people not want to show up?"

Visitor Feefy Abdullah, who checked out the previous fair, was quoted as saying: "This time the fair is better because of the music events. It's good that the local acts are exposed and the public gets to see Brunei's talents. You get to see live music for free! Everything is alright and it is convenient that you can find all sorts of things in one location." "As for improvements that can be made, perhaps offer a larger parking area, and maybe even more entertainment. It would also be nice if there were proper directions to everything," she said. Another visitor, Faizul from popular local band, A Band Once, said of the fair: "This is the third consumer fair I've ever been to and it is easily the best one so far because there were a lot of bands, talent shows, battle of the bands, Anugerah (awards) and lots of entertainment. The local music scene is growing, and this gives the public the chance to interact with local musicians." And like Feefy, he too believes there is a need for the placement of more signs, adding, "I don't actually know where all the events are."

Consumer Fair Part 5 Opening

Released by The Brunei Times

MORE than 60,000 visitors are expected to make their way to the fifth Consumer Fair (CF5), currently under way at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Berakas, said Executive Director of the event's main organiser Sunlit Advertising Agency at the opening of the expo yesterday. "Visitors will be treated to exhibitions by quality vendors from the Sultanate, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Syria, China and the UK," said Dato Hj Danial Hj Hanafiah. He added: "I assure you, visitors will find something interesting, either to do or to purchase, for every member of the family at CF5 2010."

This edition of the fair features 312 booths from 163 companies, with more than 80 booths set up by foreign companies. "With 300-plus booths, this is the largest fair of its kind and Sunlit is grateful to all our valued vendors, business partners and all visitors, both local and foreign," Dato Hj Danial added. The executive director said the Consumer Fair series has opened up many upstream and downstream opportunities as it served as a platform that provides "a springboard start for many new small and medium size enterprises". He also expressed his happiness in terms of the labour market, as local youths had filled job vacancies with Sunlit to assist with various aspects of running CF5. "As a whole, the growing popularity of the Consumer Fairs among the local and foreign exhibitors is very heartening to the business community as it reflects a very high level of confidence in Brunei's business climate, the potential as well as the strong interest among entrepreneurs in promoting their products," he said.

Deputy Minister of Industry and Primary Resources Dato Paduka Hj Hamdillah Hj Abd Wahab launched the expo and toured the various booths. A winter wonderland was also set up for visitors to view sculptures and other displays with a northern-hemisphere winter theme. Visitors can make their way to the expo, which will end on Sunday.

CF Part 5 Signing Ceremony

Released by The Brunei Times

To our dear friends from the media industry, dynamic staff of Sunlit Advertising and most of all to our ever prominent and supportive activity partners and sponsors, ladies and gentlemen, Good afternoon! It is indeed a happy thought that we are gathered here this afternoon to signify our support to one another as we are about to experience the fifth episode of the ever-popular Consumer Fair which is scheduled from the 28th to 31st of January 2010 at the International Convention Centre. Time and again, another big event is about to be concluded which will mark another indelible imprint in the history of Brunei Darussalam. Consumer Fair is such an exceptional event that it was created to create an impact to the life of every consumer. This particular fair is for every consumer like me and like you, who wish to experience the greatness of every produced product and offered service by our friends here in Brunei and neighboring countries.

To date, I am so overwhelmed that the forthcoming Consumer Fair 5 is already fully-booked by more than 100 local and foreign companies which will offer the public with great selections of affordable and quality products and services for four days. Almost 300 booths will fill the two big halls of ICC which will surely be flocked by thousands of visitors. Of course, to make the fair more colourful and exciting, the fair shall be incorporated with several enticing activities and appealing attractions thus most of these activities cannot be carry out should there have been no support from you, our dear Official Sponsors and Activity Partners. On behalf of Sunlit Advertising Sdn Bhd, I convey my sincerest appreciation for your support and generosity. This afternoon’s signing ceremony will surely strengthen more the good partnership that we have established all these years.

Finally, I welcome you all to this Signing Ceremony which is a real occasion of a mutual friendship between this company and the companies that have been always behind us. That would be all and I am looking forward to celebrating with you the much-anticipated success of the Consumer Fair Part 5.

Consumer Fair 5 ‘OVERBOARD’

Released by The Brunei Times

A record number of visitors will be expected at upcoming Consumer Fair 5 (CF5) as the popular expo makes a return this month.

Jason Tee, marketing and sales manager at consumer fair organizer Sunlit Advertising, said that the response from exhibitors looking to be part of fair was overwhelming, with the fair already overbooked as of last week. But he said organizers are trying to accommodate all these interested. The fair is slated to be held on January 28-31. Tee said organizers were expecting an even bigger turnout in this year’s fair compared to the last which registered 58,000 visitors. He said the number is somewhat understand.

“We don’t want to be over ambitious, so this year we are aiming for 60,000 visitors,” he said. “Last year, we did a market survey and all of these had been processed, one of the questions ‘will you come back to consumer fair again?’ and 99 per cent said yes,” he said. The response has resulted in the exhibitors once signing up, after expressing satisfaction with the arrangements from the previous consumer fairs’ success. “The vendors were very happy, with many of them returning to the CF5. “The difference between CF4 and CF5 is that there are more international exhibitors,” he said. “Currently we are overboard,” said Tee. Currently, there are 300 booths available for exhibitors, with some participants from India. Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Yemen. “Malaysia is one of the biggest overseas participants,” he said.

Despite the popularity of the consumer fair, Sunlit Advertising does not expect a more from the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Berakas to Bridex Exhibition and Convention Centre in Jerudong. “We do consider that, but we need to look at some criteria,” said Tee. Although Bridex Exhibition and Convention Centre is bigger, the rental would be different from rates at the ICC, he said. “We don’t have specific categories, but vendors are grouped together based on the products that they exhibit,” said Tee. He said this way the overall presentation of the consumer fair does not become messy, yet still provide a host of product to consumers. Amongst product categories that will be showcased are food and beverage, beauty and fashion, home appliance, home décor, information technology and communications, travel and tourism, banking and finance.

Consumer Fair Part - 5